Howard and Russ formed the Nivens way back in '85, and still aren't bored. As pioneers of the guitar band thing which saw bands like REM go from minor indy to monsters of pop (and Teenage Fanclub turn into, well Teenage Fanclub), they were in there from the start. A lucrative deal with Danceteria Records in France in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s helped the band develop through the years.  Now it's that difficult 4th album – time perhaps to get back on the road with a vengance (and a big truck and lots of nice cheese and biscuits)?!.........


The Nivens were previously signed to Danceteria Records (France).  Current releases to date: 3 albums, 1 mini album, 7 singles. French Top 20 on first album. Radio 1 playlists on singles. Videos playlisted on MTV + Powerstation. New single + album due for release soon. UK + European tours to follow.


The Nivens at Le Gibus - Paris

There is a sense of freedom in the vastness of the fields of East Anglia and in the gentle cultured burbling of the city of Norwich that seems to inspire people to pick up guitars and do it right......THE NIVENS were inspired thus. The coming together in the mid '80's of Howard (centre above) and Russ (left above) would allow them to hone their own brand of jangle-psychedelia over the next few years (with a bit of help from their friends) to the point where a more-or-less chance meeting with French indy label Danceteria lead to their first serious single and album releases in 1989 - "Shake it from the Top" and "Shake" - making a serious impression on the French charts - the album peaking at No. 9 - and also achieving the then unheard of feat of an indy band getting a playlist on Radio One, and getting into the top 3 in the French "Best" magazine readers poll(the French equivalent of the Melody Maker UK poll). All-in-all a sizable dent was being made upon European s ensibilities...... For Howard and Russ it made a change. The 80's had been a curious time for this band - a devils blend of appreciation in the business for their unashamedly 60's "Flamin' Groovies" attitudes - and the constant grind of being hassled around town by sad 80's clones in shoulder pads who seemed to think YOU looked odd in chelsea boots and collarless jackets....So - 10 years on:- Seven singles, two albums, a mini album, a double album singles/unreleased tracks compilation, and a brand new album under construction.New personnel in the rhythm department... a tougher attitude... A harder musical edge fusing acid grooves to the REM / Byrds / Smithereens / Groovies sensibilities. - The result of 6 years on the road in Europe. And a standing joke that with some 25 former Nivens out there ( including several luminaries from past Norwich bands of legendary standing like the Farmer's Boys ) it is only a matter of time before the band do a gig where the guest list exceeds the venue's capacity! Roughed up beat-psychedelia with a heart:- "So Beatlesque as to be quite disturbing" - A singer / songwriter / frontman who is also "A maverick record producer, sometime racing driver and all round paisley freak" - "melodies and harmonies take off to provide stunning aerial displays" - "I want to make some money out of it... Russ wants to buy the Rickenbacker factory" - "What would I like to say about the new LP? - Well, it's round, some are silver, some are black plastic, they've got holes in the middle and hopefully we'll sell a few more than the last one" - "in these paisley gems with their tunes and harmonies and jangling guitars lies a wealth of experience, frustration and joy.... Despite the pain, this is BIG BIG fun."

a splendid time is guaranteed for all...



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