Nivens '96 again...

'Stones? Never heard of them!!

The very important Vox from the cover of Shake (1989).

Howard and Russ take a break from recording at our old residential studio - Raven Recording - 1992 Note influential tacky Tokai tele, and Semi with paisley wrapping paper glued and varnished on the front....No expense spared - not!

Some really dodgy '80's hair-do's find their way onto our first album cover - sorry!

That's a bit better! 1992 and although Bass player Paul James (l) looks a bit like a skeleton, and Drummer Flack (r) had spent the previous night sleeping it off in a hedge (honest!), we got it together enough to let photographer Paul Postle (he's really a fossil) shoot off a roll or two of film. (Check out his other work, Sex, Lies + Gaffatape, A Taste of Money, and ..Oh yes.. of course...Park Life for Blur....).(clang)!